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Galway Harbour Centre pier Ideas Competition 2009
Our Entry in Galway

We traveled to Galway to see the 117 entries which were on display 16.Oct -18 Oct 2009
as part of the Open House Galway weekend.

Galway Harbour has been associated with the movement of both cargo and passenger ships
to and from its piers. The multi directional tiers of our design represent the
gradual movement of a ship coming into the harbour. Each floor of the building
is offset by 10 degrees descibing the deliberate progress of a large vessel
coming to dock. The Concept is a responce to the charater and identity of
the locatlity, resulting in a design that is sensitive to the past but
modern and positive in it's outloook.

Galway Pier 1 of 9 Galway Pier 2 of 9 Galway Pier 3 of 9
Galway Pier 4 of 9 Galway Pier 5 of 9 Galway Pier 6 of 9
Galway Pier 7 of 9 Galway Pier 8 of 9 Galway Pier 9 of 9

Part of the team were:
Zeno Winkens MRIAI winkens architecture
Karen Nolan, graphic designer, karen nolan design
John Conroy ASCS MRICS, CS Quantity Surveyors


International Competition of a new Civic Space in Navan 1999
This competion was for a Civic Space in Navan.
navan civic space
The design team were:
Erik Maher MRIAI, Collins Maher Martin architects
Zeno Winkens MRIAI, winkens architecture


Millenium Monument Competition 1998
This competion was for the O'Connel Street Monment, Dublin.
Ian Richies was the winner with now famous "Spike"
Our ideas was to have a glass column with two staircases inter twined.
one up and one down so that a constant stream of visitors could
enjoy the view from the roof top platform above. We did have a Lift in the core also and
cross resting platforms at 3 levels on the way up, where one could change direction.

Millenium 1 of 3 Millenium 2 of 3 Millenium 3 of 3
The design team were:
Zeno Winkens architect
Erik Maher architect, Collins Maher Martin architects


Athlone Riverside Architectural Competition 1993
This competion was for the replacement of the Ritz Cinema, Athlone.
The building was to be used as a Public Library with exhibiton space
and a Catering Training Centre with summer use as a
Restaurant with Bar Facilites.

ahlone 1 of 3 ahlone 2 of 3 ahlone 3 of 3
The design team were:
Lynch O'Toole Martin architects
Zeno Winkens architect

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